Historic Restoration & Preservation

We all might admire the modern building, or the new development of houses all around us, but have you considered the benefits of restoring historic buildings and why this is such an important service?

There are four major reasons why you (as a community or individual) should consider historic restoration or preservation of your home or building instead of a new structure.

  1. Culture
    Restoring historic buildings connect us to the past. They are physical reminders of what came before us and help to create a sense of culture in a neighborhood. Historical buildings such as libraries, cathedrals, and estates give us a way to study the past and make sense of the communities that came before us.
  2. Education
    Preserving historic homes and buildings act as learning tools not only for architects and builders, but students and communities as well! Think of all the tangible education that would be lost if historic buildings were demolished instead of preserved or restored. Visiting old structures is a way for architects and builders to study past techniques and design, and students and others can learn about what came before them and what might have influenced the present day. It is imperative we restore historic structures and use them as educational tools.
  3. Economy
    Not only does historic restoration benefit culture and education, but it also helps to boost the economy. All the tourism could help aid a community by keeping these structures alive, well, and as close to the way they were in their heyday. It benefits travel and tourism, of course, but also helps to create jobs. There are many specialists who pride themselves in the knowledge needed for correctly restoring, preserving, and maintaining old buildings.
  4. Environment
    Any form of restoration is environmentally friendly compared to a new build. You are not wasting materials, or creating a need for new ones. Also, rehabilitating existing structures can make them more eco-friendly or durable to lessen maintenance costs.
    With historic restoration or preservation, you can return a structure to its original look while also making it more energy efficient and increasing its value.