Build it Plus

New Build it Plus building, High Street, Worcester.
On the 10th July 2019, a devastating explosion destroyed the original buildings on the Build it Plus site. The tenants, BOCMA, were forced to relocate, and the decision was made to demolish the original buildings and replace them with the exciting new Build it Plus store.
Building work began 2nd March 2020, once the site had been cleared.
Handover of the new building was made 16th October 2020.
The warehouse was ±1400m² floor capacity. This included offices, showroom, and storeroom. A steel structure with a mix of plastered & bagged brick walls, corrugated steel cladding and concrete flooring.
The project also included the preparation and paving of the parking area, loading, and off-loading areas.
Even the landscaping was included in our scope of works.